Donate Your Freedom—And, You Know, Money!!—To The TPAW-2012

Donate Your Freedom—And, You Know, Money!!—To The TPAW-2012

Have you checked out today yet? Oh, please do! Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who self-identifies as TPAW, has made up some new thing called "Tim Pawlenty's Freedom First PAC." It sounds like a mid-range BBQ place on a highway somewhere, but it is not! It is, according to TPAW, an "organization dedicated to putting freedom first again in America. By helping candidates and translating our ideas into policies that everyone can relate to and support, we can turn back the growth of Washington and renew the promise of freedom." As you can see, this is markedly, markedly worse than a BBQ place.

It is also not, a previously established credit union that predates "TPAW's Freedom First PAC" and differs from it in that the former is existing and real. So anyway, how stoked are you guys to tell TPAW all about your personal relationship with freedom? N.B.: Your epistolary TPAW fan fiction could be just the opinion scoop document that's needed to LITERALLY WIN the Washington Post's pundit mid-term election competition!

[Marc Ambinder]


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