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  • Meet Barry's new socialist realism fashion patch thing! There's a branch (symbolizing ACORNS), and stars (for Lenin) and the colors red, white, and blue (for reasons unknown). [Top of the Ticket]
  • Most infamous non-wolf Palin nemesis, Kim Elton, a member of Alaska's House of Lords, has jumped right into Obama's tank, specifically into the Department of the Interior as the "Director of Alaska Affairs." [CNN Political Ticker]
  • has begun stockpiling idiots and probably uranium in a quest to strengthen its virtual army of guerrilla insurgents, who will fight Obama's stated mission of taking away America's freedom and distributing it, in rations, to the communist internment kibbutzes on which we will all be forced to live in ~6 months. [RedState]
  • Bill Clinton is so happy and relieved now that people are finally paying attention to his paintings, which he has never previously mentioned or displayed. [Daily Intel]
  • A DC bus driver attacked McGruff, the animated crime dog whose career was in large part the inspiration for season one of the Wire. The bus driver thought thought McGruff, who was clearly just fighting crime, was trying to be funny. [DCist]

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