Don't Cyber With Rudy, Your Computer Will Get The Herp!


Listen: Y'all know how Rudy Giuliani is a cyber-expert, yeah? How he was literally the Trump administration's Guy On The Cyber Beat, how marketed himself as a "security expert," and how he was going to be the spokesmodel for Lev Parnas's Fraud Guarantee company, which was not actually set up for the purposes of guaranteeing fraud, ALLEGEDLY?

And you know how while Rudy's cyber-prowess is obviously well-documented, he has a propensity for locking himself out of his iPhone, butt-dialing reporters, and also accidentally fucking up the spacing in his tweets and accidentally creating URLs, which funny people then buy and redirect them to anti-Trump things?



Cnet reports that, on top of the funny people buying Rudy's accidental URLs, hackers are buying them and using them to prey on idiots:

Sometimes, typing the wrong letter for a website address means sending visitors to a 404 page. When you're Rudy Giuliani, it means potentially sending hundreds of thousands of followers straight to a virus.

Hackers have been taking advantage of typos in tweets by the former New York City mayor, buying the mistyped domain names and redirecting visitors to a fake page designed to spread malware rather than to the original page that Giuliani had meant to type.

Jerome Segura, a director of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company Malwarebytes, discovered a tweet sent Sunday with a blatant typo that led to a website prompting visitors to download a Google Chrome extension, which would read people's browsing history and change their default search engine.

Oh great. Rudy has 655,000 Twitter followers. Considering the type of person who looks up to and respects Rudy, his average follower is probably pretty dumb and not good at computer.

How many people has Rudy's cybering infected so far? God knows.

He even typos the URL for his own website, and hackers are all over that too, creating fake websites and shooting malware out into the world. And all because Rudy decided to internet.

Another Rudy cyber-problem that Cnet points out? Oh nothing, just reporters have ended up with malware after going to his actual website.

New York Daily News editorial member Laura Nahmias literally had to buy a new laptop, because of malware she got from Rudy's own website:

There is much more in the Cnet piece, if you'd like to learn everything about Rudy's cyber-crotch crickets.

But STAY AWAY from all Rudy's actual internets, or if you decide to explore, put TWO condoms on your computer.

And this is your Open Thread. Chat safely.


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