Don't Go Taking Coronavirus Advice From Alex Jones!

Don't Go Taking Coronavirus Advice From Alex Jones!

Everyone is freaking out about the coronavirus! And, thanks to the fact that it was just announced that there has been a case of coronavirus in Rhode Island in a man who just came back from Italy and my Dad is currently in Rhode Island and went to Sicily last month, I am one of them. Maybe you are too! But what we're not gonna do is go and buy $3000 worth of prepper food from Alex Jones or any of his grifty compatriots.

And boy is he grifting hard.

Now that he's been banned from YouTube and most of the Internet, Infowars now has its own streaming platform called And over there, Jones is working overtime to scare the crap out of people over the coronavirus in order to sell them his bulk foods at outrageous prices.

Via Media Matters:

Coronavirus has been a near-constant topic of discussion on Infowars' various broadcasts. According to a search of Infowars' online streaming platform, at least 145 videos have been posted since January 22 that reference the outbreak in their titles. Of these, 127 were published after Infowars released its "EMERGENCY SURVIVAL FOODS: Coronavirus Clearance Sale" ad for bulk food on January 27.

Sales pitches that appear in Infowars content are aggressive. They play on fears of food shortages, emphasize the need to make immediate and large orders, and fearmonger about the prospect of societal collapse and cannibalism.

Buy my food buckets or eat your mom!

He's also jacked up the price of said bulk foods, while marking them as on "CORONAVIRUS CLEARANCE!" While in December of last year, his one year supply of bucket bulk foods was $1443.50, it is now priced at $2,887.

Unbelievably, Jones is actually running an advertisement about how everyone else is jacking up the price of their prepper foods, but he's not doing that because of how much he cares about his audience.

While Trump is out there claiming that the coronavirus is mostly a liberal media hoax that is not much more dangerous than the flu, Jones — notably not a member of the liberal media — is running segments like these:

  • "Violent Leftists In A Coronavirus Quarantine Would Collapse Society"
  • "How Globalists Justify Releasing the Coronavirus Bioweapon"
  • "Lancet Model Predicts Hundreds Of Millions Dead From Coronavirus Outbreak"
  • "Was Coronavirus Intended To Be Primer For Chinese Invasion Of America?"
  • "Bioweapons Expert: Coronavirus Is Super Biological Weapon Never Encountered Before"
  • "MSM Tries To Suppress Evidence That HIV Delivery System Is Embedded In Coronavirus"
  • "Countdown: Top Ten Ways Coronavirus Will Be Used to Usher In Global Government"

Yeah! That's super normal and not at all psychotic. In the first video on that list, Infowars contributor Mike Adams went on a bizarre rant claiming that we are all mentally ill pedophiles who will only get worse if there is a coronavirus quarantine.

When you take these deranged lunatic violent leftists, who are already mentally ill … and you add a quarantine to that, what's going to happen to their state of mental health? What are they then willing to do in terms of violence or looting or murder or killing or rape or pedophilia or all the things that they do almost on an everyday basis anyway? Add the coronavirus to that, you start looking at the downfall of society.

Naturally, this, just like all of the other segments on the coronavirus, was followed up by an ad for Infowars bulk foods. So he's convincing people that everyone who disagrees with him is a murderous pedophile, that they're gonna die from coronavirus and be trapped in a quarantine with said murderous pedophiles, and that the only way to avoid this is to spend $3000 on food buckets. Nice!

It would be one thing if he actually believed his own bullshit, but he clearly doesn't. He's claimed before that he's just playing a "character." He's purposely scaring the crap out of his audience in order to turn a profit. Granted, his audience is made up of some pretty terrible people, and we could make the argument that they deserve to get screwed — but that doesn't make Jones' grift less gross.

[Media Matters]

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