Don't Let The Bedbugs Feast On Your Blood While You Slumber In Some Reasonably Nice-Looking Hotel Room!

  • Rematch! Arlen Specter's old Republican primary foe, Pat Toomey, announced he would again harass the old cancer survivor in 2010. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • It's been hard finding a lawyer to represent the only surviving accused Mumbai gunman, and it just got harder: the judge in the trial just fired his lawyer for being in contact with one of the victims of the November terrorist rampage. [Times Online]
  • Fiat will not be bullied by Chrysler and its unions, so who knows, maybe Chrysler will go under after all? They have till the end of the month to make a deal before the government takes Chrysler off the money teat. [Forbes]
  • Mortgage application volumes declined last week, maybe because of the Easter/Passover weekend or maybe because everybody who was able to refinance their dumb mortgage already has. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The worst bedbug outbreak in years has left people across the nation sleeping in their goddamn bathtubs because they are so freaked out by these repellent little insects. [AP]
  • Iran seems to be responding a little better to the new US diplomatic approach. [New York Times]

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