Don't Let Teabaggers In DC Take Away Your Right To Celebrate Paying Your Taxes


Today is Tax Day and to celebrate this holy day when The Man takes all your hard-earned money and uses it to fund unemployment insurance, health care and other disastrous things, plenty of restaurants in DC are offering tax-themed specials. Why wasn't filling out the census this much fun? We do not know.

Tax Day specials:

  • Zola: If you're reading this and you have yet to do your taxes, do your fucking taxes. But, if you insist upon doing them over a beer, Zola is here for you. The restaurant is not only offering food and drink specials, but they will also have IRS forms, calculators and #2 pencils available AND they will even mail your taxes for your lazy ass so long as you complete them by 11PM. [Zola]
  • BLT Steak: Even if you owe the government millions, BLT Steak is making sure you can at least still afford a beer on tax day. All their cocktails, beers, and wines will be 50% off all day long. [BLT Steak]
  • Rustico: Rustico is offering whole pizzas for $10.40 (HA HA get it!) from 5PM-7PM as well as $1 off all beers. [ Rustico]
  • Maggie Moo's: Celebrate completing your taxes with ice cream ... .pizza. From 3-7PM, Maggie Moo's will be giving out free samples of their new ice cream pizza at all their DC locations. [Maggie Moo's]
  • Capitol City Brewing Company: Here's a great way to waste your tax return before you even get it: Cap City Breweries celebrate Tax Day by offering pints of Kölsch, IPA, and amber ale and porter for just $2. [Capitol City Brewing Company]
  • Topaz Bar/Helix Lounge/ Bar Rouge: Deductions are the name of the game (just pray you don't get audited), and Topaz Bar, Helix Lounge, and Bar Rouge are all getting in on this most important aspect of taxes by "deducting" the price of a cocktail from your bill, as long as you order three that is. They will also have a $10.40 menu, which includes an appetizer and cocktail from 5PM until close. [Topaz Bar, Helix Lounge, Bar Rouge]
  • Tabaq Bistro: After finishing your taxes, drink to a more open government and to the end of corporations with the Sunlight Foundation at Tabaq Bistro. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door and include an open bar for the first hour. [Sunlight Foundation]
  • Starbucks: Starbucks is offering free coffee to customers who bring in their own mug. This isn't earth day, and you really shouldn't have to go above and beyond on tax day, but free coffee is free coffee. [Starbucks]

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