Don't Worry, Thrashing Lunatic on Illinois House Floor Just Some Legislator


Dance party on the Illinois House floor! Here we have what appears to be state Rep. Mike Bost busting a hot move while his anxious-looking colleague in the white shirt ...claps along to keep time? What fun! Someone sure is having a tough time waiting for summer vacation to start! Oh, just kidding. Politics is never fun. Rep. Bost is in the middle of an apoplectic temper tantrum over... pension reform, according to the news reports. Video after the jump!

Bost, a Republican, lost it after a lengthy bill proposing to shift the burden of teacher pension costs away from the state and onto local school districts was brought up for discussion by Democrat speaker of the House Michael Madigan only a few hours after it passed out of committee and before Mike Bost had time to read the bill. This seems like a fair complaint! This is also, shrieketh Mike Bost, procedural tyranny on an order not seen since the Egyptians rejected Moses' petition for the freedom of the Israelites on the basis of some typos:

This guy is one match short of setting his own hair on fire. We take back what we said before. Politics is always fun. [CBS Chicago]


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