Don't Worry, Washingtonians -- You're Safe As Long As You Stay Far Away From the "Middle West"

Logo courtesy CBS and the AP, and we're only crediting them out of the hope that they'll feel a little embarrassment.

DHS reported yesterday that its "National Asset Database," the list of potential terror targets that partially dictates Homeland Security Grant Money, is really, really goofy. Here, via the New York Times, are some of the critical assets in that database:

  • Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo

  • Amish Country Popcorn factory

  • Mule Day Parade

  • the Sweetwater Flea Market

  • "Beach at End of a Street."

  • "Nix's Check Cashing"

  • "Mall at Sears"

  • "Ice Cream Parlor"

  • "Tackle Shop"

  • "Donut Shop"

  • "Anti-Cruelty Society"

  • "Bean Fest"

  • Apple and Pork Festival

The state with the most to fear? Indiana, with 8,591 potential targets -- handily beating New York, though in the ranking of states with the greatest number of targets that should be attacked by terrorists, New York moves up a notch, bested only by California.

U.S. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market? [NYT]


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