Don't You Dare Suggest This Federalist Co-Founder Tweeted 'Mommy Milky' Or He Will Sue!


See the picture above? That is Sean Davis, one of the co-founders of The Federalist, one of America's greatest natural resources for hate reads. And do you know what he doesn't like? He does not like it when people make it look like he tweeted out "Mommy Milky" when he absolutely did not tweet out "Mommy Milky" and would never, ever tweet out "Mommy Milky," for any reason. Probably.

He hates it so so much that he says he is not only going to sue the Twitter user who initially created the tweet that made it look like Federalist co-founder Sean Davis was crying out for Mommy Milky, but anyone with a blue checkmark who retweets it. He's gonna sue everyone and then he's gonna buy a new truck!

And then we're all gonna be so jealous of his super cool truck that he has, that he bought with all of that sweet, sweet Mommy Milky Money.

Power Wheels Commercial - 1989

Or — or — he will sue everyone and then end up paying anti-SLAPP penalties because you can't sue for defamation if it's satire or parody, as that would be a violation of Hustler v. Falwell. Bam! Didn't even need to be a lawyer to know that, just a teenage Courtney Love superfan! (I did check with Jamie though to make sure)

Still, we would never, ever suggest here at Wonkette that Federalist co-founder Sean Davis tweeted Mommy Milky, because we do not even really know what that means. It kind of sounds like the kind of thing one would say if they had an adult baby fetish, which we do not know that he has. We only know that he has appeared on Charlie Kirk's podcast, talking about how Hunter Biden could cost Joe Biden the election (looks like he got that one wrong!), and that Charlie Kirk first shot to fame by owning all of the libs by wearing an adult diaper.

We also know that, unlike conservatives like Sean Davis, we love free speech and the First Amendment. So there.


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