• Maybe it is unfair to compare Helen Thomas to Hezbollah/The Final Solution, but you know what? Life isn't fair. [The Corner]

  • John McCain stopped massaging his wrinkly wingnut scalp with SPF 40 just long enough to ask that someone murder Ahmadinejad and then start WWIII. [Weekly Standard]

  • South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Gresham Barrett, who lost to a girl (!), is using all the usual garbage to help him in the run-off: You know, like talking about "character" and using "Christian rhetoric." Erick Erickson knows what you're up too, Barrett! Don't bullshit a bullshitter. [RedState]

  • Rep. Virginia Foxx, one of many openly-crazy Congressladies, wants to capture all the feral illegal Mexicans with a GIANT FISHING NET. Yes, please! [Think Progress]

  • Every day is 9/11 if you drive all willy-nilly on America's highdeathways. [Matt Yglesias]


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