Doom Pays A Visit To The Buffalo Chip Stage

  • Those two journalists who just got sprung from North Korea really have Steve Bing, his magical private jet, and Bill Clinton's vast global network of billionaire playboys to thank. [Washington Post]
  • Eight whole Republican senators have decided they'll take a chance on this shady Sotomayor character and let her serve on the Supreme Court, even though she's probably a judicial activist who will legislate for increased Mexican freedoms from the bench. [CNN]
  • Hillary Clinton will not, in the immortal words of David Shuster, be "pimping" her daughter out for 40 Kenyan goats and 20 cows, but if Chelsea wants to do that herself she's welcome to. [AP]
  • Rudolph Murdoch's News Corp. will start charging readers fees for access to its news sites by next summer, so you can just angrily delete your bookmarks RIGHT NOW. [Guardian]
  • Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler hurted himself at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, plunging from the Buffalo Chip stage and possibly injuring some part of his body. Meg McCabe, what have you done? [Rapid City Journal]
  • "Cash for clunkers" has been a raw deal for salvage yards. [Baltimore Sun]

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