Douchey No Name Bush Speechwriter "Matt Latimer" Puts The Corner In A Corner!

Douchey No Name Bush Speechwriter "Matt Latimer" Puts The Corner In A Corner!

Rich Lowry vs. Matt Latimer, this is so on! The ONE TIME Rich Lowry goes to work and puts on his bowler hat and three piece suit and pretends to be a newspaper-man, Matt Latimer, former Bush speechwriter/social chair of Mars' douchiest fraternity, refuses to answer any of Lowry's broadsheet journalism media questions! "Matt Latimer, isn't the fact that you're in a pederastic relationship with Donald Rumsfeld—and the fact that you're currently helping him write his own memoir—call into question your favorable characterization of said human?" Lowry asked within the pages of his forgotten reactionary quarto, "Corner." Now watch Matt Latimer defer to a mid-range Roomba named "Kevin Kellems."

Kevin Kellems is LITERALLY a random household device who Ben Smith explains has "been serving as a kind of spokesman" for Latimer. But Kevin Kellems' batteries were low, so it just started spitting out random HOT BUTTON phrases from its "Conservatism" language cartridge:

"National Review's editor has self-defined NR now as part of the mainstream media. Rich Lowry and National Review are defending that mainstream narrative that Bush-ism equals conservatism. By doing this, they are betraying the conservative movement. Cocktail party conservatism is not the same as true conservatism."

Devastating. Wait until Donald Rumsfeld's memoir hears about this.

[Ben Smith]


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