Douchey No-Name Bush Speechwriter Writes Douchey Racist Thing On Twitter


Will someone throw some work at George W. Bush's gang of ex-speechwriters? Recall "Matt Latimer," anactual alien who wrote an essay for GQ magazine after stumbling across an encyclopedia of all known cliches that he found lodged under some forgotten moon rock on Mars. This latest one, "Josh Trevino," is not as bad—because he's not A. Matt Latimer or B. Hitler or his outer space equivalent, Space Hitler—but he's a pretty horrific man. The evidence is two-fold: 1. This Josh Trevino co-founded pay-as-you go pornography search engine 2a. This is arguably not the most offensive thing Trevino has ever done.


Trevino wrote on Twitter, "Dear Border Patrol: my red hair and pale skin IS my passport, bureaucrats."

After criticism from other Twitterers, he later added, "For the record, kids: that border should be open, open, open. But if you're going to check documents, don't be a fool about it." He went on to say that he himself is half-Mexican (but, apparently, he doesn't look it). Accused of "self-loathing," he replied: "My loyalty is to my country, not my ethnicity."

"Combative Twittering ginger" is not an ethnicity, please check you facts in one of Matt Latimer's contraband Frommer's: Earth guides.



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