Dr. 'Demon Sperm' Warns Our Leaders Have Been Replaced With Blood-Drinking Clones

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Of all the "America's Frontline Doctors" spreading misinformation about the COVID pandemic, Dr. Stella Immanuel is perhaps the most whimsical. She doesn't stop at claiming COVID is a harmless virus evil scientists invented so they could kill you with vaccines, she doesn't stop at claiming masks don't work or that a variety of bullshit she sells on her website will cure you — she's got a whole mythology going on that involves demon sperm, satanic vaccines and now, blood-drinking clones.

In a video captured by Right Wing Watch this week — right in time for Halloween! — Dr. Demon Sperm warns us that many of our world leaders have been replaced by clones. Clones who make laws that kill people, so that they can then drink their blood.

She says:

We have human beings, like all the rulers of darkness of this world. These are people that are human beings that have [liaisons?] with the devil, but we have spiritual weaknesses in high places.

These are the clones that are not human. Some of them are governors in states, some of them are Presidents in different countries, some of them are big leaders of places [unintelligible] like the CDC, WHO, the FDA, some of those people are leaders and their job is to make laws that will cause people to die. And you know why? Because they are blood drinkers. They need people to die because they need to drink blood.

Huh. Yeah, it seems like people die pretty regularly without anyone needing to create laws to help them do that? The thing I don't really get here is that recently, Dr. Immanuel told Gateway Pundit that the whole COVID pandemic was a Trojan horse for a vaccine that would reduce the world's population by 10 to 15 percent and also implant the Mark of the Beast into everyone.

I actually think that the whole pandemic was a Trojan Horse for vaccines. COVID, from day one, I've always said it, it's completely treatable, and it's completely preventable, And there is no reason for you to be giving a vaccine for a disease that's completely treatable, and completely preventable. And on top of that, the death rate of COVID is not that high. So, we need to wake up and realize that these mandates, the vaccines, and everything is taking us right into the book of Revelations where you cannot buy or sell without taking the vax. I tell people my big mantra right now is, get prevention, early treatment, if you get sick, sick, sick and end up in the hospital, don't be afraid, because you know that it's a transition. If you're, if you're a child of God, if you're a Christian, you should not be afraid to die, first of all. So the reason why they can cage us is we're all so scared. So I said, you know, die saved and die human. [...]

Bill Gates had a video, that said that if you do good vaccines, they can cut down the world's population by 10 to 15%. Bill Gates has done a lot of atrocities in India in Africa and everything. If somebody tells you they want to depopulate the world with 15% with vaccines. Why would you let them sponsor a vaccine? And Bill Gates' hands are in every vaccine. And then of course we talk about the whole Mark of the Beast, 666 thing.

Obviously they haven't done a very good job with that, as nearly all of the people still dying from COVID are unvaccinated — but if they need to drink people's blood, then why would they want to reduce the human population? If there is anything I have learned from watching way too many vampire shows on the CW, it is that people who drink blood tend to prefer to get it direct from the source. While clones may not have a dental situation that allows them to drink straight from the carotid, you can get a lot more blood from a living person than from a dead person.

I'm just gonna say it — it seems like Dr. Immanuel has not really thought this whole thing through. It's quite slapdash. She's doing a lot more world-building than some of her compatriots are, I'll give her that, but logistically, I'm just not buying this as a cohesive evil plan to enslave all of mankind for Satan. It's simply not believable that these clones would go through such an elaborate scenario just to obtain the human blood they need to survive when there are obviously more convenient ways of doing that. It also doesn't make sense that they wouldn't just make a deadlier virus that would kill people, and then not create a vaccine for it at all.

She gets points for creativity, as we haven't had any clone/lizard people theories in the COVID misinformation mix, but if she wants to keep selling expensive telehealth appointments and vitamin supplements, she's should really consider doing something about all of these plot holes.

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