Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, Subpoenaed By Mueller, Something Something GAY OBAMA, Something Something FEMA CAMP

Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, Subpoenaed By Mueller, Something Something GAY OBAMA, Something Something FEMA CAMP
If Corsi used Rogaine, he'd be the Earl de Darkwood

Conspiracy maven, WND contributor, serial fabulist, and King Birther Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, has been subpoenaed by Robert Mueller as part of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to his attorney. Sadly, it seems the special counsel has not summoned Corsi for his expertise in figuring out what was going on with Barack Obama's funny Muslim wedding ring, or whether Obama was secretly gay-married in Pakistan before enlisting Michelle to cover for him. Instead -- talk about a letdown! -- the questions are likely to be about conversations Corsi had with Roger Stone regarding the Russian hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign. Heck, at this rate, Mueller won't ever get Corsi to explain why he's been kidnapping musicians from across the galaxy in a bid to become an all-powerful master of time and space.

Corsi's lawyer, David Gray, made clear that Corsi intends to "comply fully" and added that

the subpoena was not specific about the topic but that he and his client anticipated "it has to do with his communications with Roger Stone."

Corsi will testify on Friday, and is likely to face questions about Stone's relationship and contacts -- if any -- with Julian Assange. Stone has insisted he had no contact with Assange, although he seemed awfully well-informed about what WikiLeaks was about to release during the 2016 election.

Corsi has been a long-time pal of both Stone and Alex Jones, and was one of Donald Trump's go-to guys on the important topic of Barack Obama's birth certificate, which helps explain the mess this country is in today. The New York Times explains just why Corsi might be of some use in clearing up what Stone knew and when:

Mr. Corsi's name came up when federal agents stopped and detained a professor and author, Ted Malloch, at a Boston airport last March. Mr. Malloch told NBC at the time that, among other questions, federal investigators asked him about Mr. Stone, whom he had met a handful of times, about WikiLeaks and about Mr. Corsi, who had helped edit one of his books.

Oh, we remember that! Malloch was detained for a few hours at an airport, and the entire loonysphere blew up insisting he'd been dragged off to a CIA Black Site and was being TORTURED by the DEEP STATE. Corsi freaked out about FBI MUELLER THUG BEHAVIOR toward Malloch's innocent cellphone, but somehow the phrase CELLPHONE THUGS never really caught on.

Corsi followed up the episode by going on the Alex Jones Weirdness Hour and challenging Mueller to a FISTFIGHT right there in the DOJ's backyard:

I'm fed up with this. I want to say to Mueller, let's go out in the backyard of the Justice Department. You got to have some -- let's duke it out. You want to behave like a thug? You want to behave like that? Well this is what you deserve. Let's duke it out. You're finished, you're a hack. The whole investigation is a criminal setup.

Sadly, we can only assume Dr. Corsi, PhD, has not been taking his Alex Jones Trucker Speed, since he hasn't promised to clean Mueller's clock, or even to plead the Fifth.

Still, Corsi's appearance does raise an important legal question: Can someone so loosely tethered to reality commit perjury?

Honestly, this seems like a wasted opportunity for Mueller -- just think, instead of asking boring questions about Roger Stone, he could get at Corsi's real expertise and finally find Adolf Hitler -- Corsi's pretty sure he's still alive.

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