Dr. Oz Challenges Dr. Fauci To Brain Duel Outside Saloon At High Noon, SHUT UP HE'S SERIOUS STOP LAUGHING

Snake Oil And General Woo
Dr. Oz Challenges Dr. Fauci To Brain Duel Outside Saloon At High Noon, SHUT UP HE'S SERIOUS STOP LAUGHING

Don't know if y'all saw this the other day, but Media Matters had a big report featuring all the times Dr. Mehmet Oz, the quack silly guy doctor who thinks he should get to be a Republican senator from Pennsylvania, pushed colloidal silver on his old show. Yes, the stuff that turns people literally blue. He's just a really good doctor.

Anyway, he went on Newsmax and demanded Dr. Anthony Fauci, a good doctor, debate him.

Ridiculous. He sounds like Ben Shapiro climbing onto a stepladder and craning his neck to shriek "DEBATE MEEEEEEEE!1!1!1!" at normal height person Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We've discussed this many times, how wingnuts scream "DEBATE ME1111!1!!1!!!" at people they know won't waste their time, because they're better and smarter than the wingnuts shrieking. Often they're screaming it at women. Sometimes, if it's the host interviewing Dr. Oz right there, they're screaming it at Muppets. Lately they've been gripping their peeners between their thumbs and forefingers and whacking it furiously to the idea that Rachel Maddow is scared to have Madison Cawthorn on her show because she's scared to DEBATE HIM111!!!1!!!

It's all so sad.

And so here is Dr. Oz, literally just a fucking quack and an airhead, going on Newsmax and challenging Dr. Fauci to a debate. Host Eric Bolling frames it as breaking news, that this pissant has a "throwdown" challenge for Fauci. "You have something to announce, breaking, exclusively on the show," said Bolling. "The challenge is a debate!" said Oz. "I'm challenging him! Doctor to doctor!"

You know, like real doctors do.

Oz wants Dr. Fauci to DEBATE MEE!1!1!!1 about vaccine mandates and natural immunity and therapeutics and whatever else. "I think Dr. Fauci is basically the J. Edgar Hoover of public health, he's a petty tyrant!"


We just can't even type this post anymore. It's too stupid.

Bolling said he would love to moderate the debate, and also said he would get Fauci's answer about whether Fauci accepts Oz's challenge to do brain wizard games with him outside the saloon at high noon, so that's gonna be pretty funny when Fauci doesn't respond. And then we'll be treated to probably a week of dumb fucking conservatives congratulating themselves because they think Dr. Fauci is scared to debate Dr. Oz.

That's right.

Dr. Fauci.

Scared to debate Dr. Oz.

As a great man once said this week, "What a moron. Jesus Christ."

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