Draft Day Is Meh, Yahoo Execs Are Criminally Overpaid And More In Today's Happy Links


We decided not to give you any Happy links yesterday for a reason we've now forgotten in the mists of alcohol time, so today you're getting a double dose. Lucky duckies!

We recapped Patton Oswalt's turn on Agents of SHIELD, which is getting better but is still probably not good.

We reviewed Draft Day, the hot new Kevin Costner-on-NFL-action flick.

Now you know that the guy that logged one billion hours in a flight simulator showing CNN how the missing plane may have crashed is now out of a job because he was a schlub who embarrassed Canadians.

Play a guessing game as to which washed-up 90s starlet isn't going to vaccinate her kid! SPOILER ALERT: It is not Jenny McCarthy because everyone already knows about her.

A Yahoo exec got $58 million just for losing his job there. Commence weeping.

A professor put a Game of Thrones t-shirt on his kid and took a photo of it, and his institution of higher learning lost their shit over it.

Rachel Maddow doesn't like Fox News's coverage of the Bundy Ranch Wannabe Standoff. Weird, huh?

Don't forget about sideboob, and don't forget about sideboob.


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