Dress Up Like Marilyn Monroe Then Sing Marilyn Manson


If you are not doing anything tomorrow night, please, please, pretty please go to theKostume Karaoke night at Solly's U St. Tavern. It's a Halloween-themed karaoke night, and you can pretend like you're Scarlett Johanssen (or Bill Murray) in Lost in Translation and that everyone else around you is Japanese. Come in your own costume, or if you don't have one, they've got loads to choose from (set out for people to use, yard-sale style).

This used to happen at Wonderland Ballroom, but honestly, it's a good thing they've moved it to Solly's because there were always a lot of creepy townies that showed up to Wonderland events. In any case, you'll probably get the same dose of kitschy weirdness from the dozens of Kostume Karoake veterans that have accumulated over its six-year run. Costumes, ABBA and booze: ain't nothin' wrong with that.

8PM Wednesday, Jan. 28, Solly's U St. Tavern {map}


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