Drink-Soaked Former Trotskyist Popinjays, and the Women They Love

"Yeah, I'm working on my next book, 'Whatever the Front Page of the Times Says Today, I Believe Precisely the Opposite.'" (photo by Liz Gorman)

Via "Hitchens Watch" comes this classic weird Hitch interview snippet:

Following his own standard on the civic minimum, however, aligns Mr. Hitchens with a president he says he doesn't particularly like. "He's not my type" says Mr. Hitchens, but he says that he "adores" first lady Laura Bush

This isn't the first time he's expressed his adoration of our cipher of a first lady, and we don't get it. While we appreciate the Pat Nixonian tight-wound bundle of nerves and desperation that defines our Laura (it makes her so camp! she's a throwback first lady!), as Hitchens Watch rightly points out, this can't be good for the Bushes' rapidly dissolving marriage.

It might be the simple fact that Laura, like Hitch, can't go twenty minutes without sucking down another Camel. Plus, she has a proven track record of putting up with drunks.

Je t'adore [Hitchens Watch]


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