Drink To Keep Sexytime Alive ... And For Peace!


Wednesday, June 2: Things we learned this week: Not even dressing up in Sex Monster costumes and prolonged public displays of affection can guarantee the success of a marriage. Oh well. But if the old tales of blogger/senator romance have you still believing in love, a romantic (and cheap!) date option is to enjoy the happy hour at Bistrot Lepic, when wines by the glass are half price. [Bistro Lepic]

  • Wednesday, June 2: If you're a fan of science fiction, crack, the future, espionage and reduced priced alcohol -- and who doesn't like these things? -- head to Borders tonight at 7PM for the book launch event for David J. Williams' The Machinery of Light, and after to the Science Club for the Reduced Priced Alcohol portion of the evening. [The Machinery of Light]
  • Thursday, June 3: This week's "Drinking Makes the World a Better Place" event is brought to you by Dance 4 Peace: On Thursday at the Light Horse Tavern in Alexandria, listen to the Dreamscapes Project play their upbeat and quirky music, and while doing so drink, a lot, because the proceeds from drink sales, as well as any donations you make while intoxicated, will benefit kids dancing, for peace. [Dance 4 Peace]
  • Thursday, June 3: Celebrate The Runcible Spoon's second issue (this would be the second issue of this "local guerrilla food zine" whatever that means), with food lovers and food bloggers, including Wonkette alumnus Malaka Gharib! The event is at the Marion Street Garden, is free and goes from 6-9PM. [The Runcible Spoon]
  • Monday, June 7 through Sunday, June 20: Some people don't like eating heavy dishes in the summer, but these people are just weak and probably throw up all their meals anyway. If you don't mind a big summer meal, indulge in the pork, lobster and other specialty paellas at Jaleo's Eighth Annual Paella Festival. The rotating paella specials will be available all day at each Jaleo location and are priced between $34 and $48. [Jaleo]
  • New Food: Crepes on the Corner was originally supposed to open in Logan Circle, but it will now open on Capitol Hill as everyone knows that those Hill types just love them some crepes; and Equinox was shut down for quite some time due to a devastating kitchen fire -- but six months and many a remodel later, the restaurant has reopened. [Crepes on the Corner via Metrocurean, Equinox]

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