Drinks That Make The Holidays Tolerable


EGGNOG is made with milk, eggs, sugar andalcohol. It's what people drink this time of year to celebrate having nothing to do and maybe because Jesus drank it too? Drinking eggnog out of the carton is wrong, however, and will not be tolerated in the fine District of Columbia, where we hope Senators die and wave loaded guns at kids, and sometimes shoot kids. Where to get the good shit in DC:

  • Tryst: At this spot in Adams Morgan where all the cool kids hang out, you can get eggnog loaded with spices and different alcohols. They also serve other festive holiday drinks like Hot Toddies.
  • Blue Duck Tavern: Here your eggnog comes with bourbon, dark rum and brandy. It's strong and good.
  • Tabard Inn: Best part about this place is that you get to enjoy your alcohol by the fire. Their other holiday specialty is mulled wine, with cinnamon, cloves, orange, cardamom and star anise.
  • Georgetown Cupcake: God forbid there not be cupcakes made with eggnog. At Georgetown Cupcake, you can enjoy a chocolate eggnog cupcake, which is a cupcake infused with rum, cinnamon, and nutmeg topped with a rum -- and nutmeg-infused cream cheese frosting. Powers of alcohol when in cupcake form are unfortunately negligible.
  • Equinox: This famous restaurant visited by the Obama's has an eggnog happy hour, but the restaurant's kitchen just burnt down, so you can't drink eggnog there until next Christmas. Oh well.

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