Drowning Your District Sorrows

there's nothing more attractiveThere are so many things wrong with DC -- terrible public education, massively bureaucratic civil service sector, murder rate -- that many of you may wonder why anyone stays. It's simple, really: We're very, very drunk. Seriously. You may not be able to get a handgun in Washington, but damn it, you can get a drink. Even adolescents trapped in the miserable schools here can join in the fun: Underage consumption and possession of alcohol was decriminalized in DC in 1997. Have some Zima on me, kids!

But someone didn't get the memo. The GWU paper reports that students there are joining a class action suit against the Metropolitan Police Department because they've been continuing to arrest underage bar-hoppers -- the appropriate action, the students' lawyer says, is a fine. We are dubious. DC cops arresting someone rather than taking their money? Someone's been drinking, sure.

Students file suit over D.C. underage drinking policies [GW Hatchet]

That's such a good photo! [Washington DC album]


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