Drudge and Hannity Tag-Team the Clintons


At first we were going to use Photoshop to turn this candid snapshot dark green and grainy -- you know, to give it that lurid security camera look. Then we decided that was completely unnecessary -- this photo's perfect as is. See the way Matt strokes his thick, dripping water bottle with a teasing, feathery touch. Note the deep, penetrating gaze Sean directs at his ideological soulmate. We think we know who Ed Klein is gonna write his next slash/fiction about. In the meantime, we're pretty disappointed that Matt and Sean are both using a digitally enhanced photo of Bill Clinton kissing a woman at a John Kerry rally to promote Klein's charges that Clinton's still having affairs. Indeed, if that's the best they can come up with in this age of pandemic surveillance, we kind of doubt the old dog's getting any at all.

Book Claim: Hillary Humiliated... [Drudge Report]

Drudge Report: Clinton Has More Affairs? [Hannity.com]

Drudge Photoshops Picture to Sensationalize It [C & L]


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