Drudge Flash! Bill Clinton is Osama bin Laden

* Fickle nation less and less interested in killing people just for the fuck of it. [Newsweek]

* A horrible monster has been created after years and years of pandering. [Passport]

* Some top Justice Dept. official resigned, giving Gonzo someone new to blame. [Think Progress]

* Real men eat meat, never cry and stay in Iraq until the last man, woman and child are dead free. [Redstate]

* If you don't think freedom should be defended, then you can go back to Mexico with all the Mexicans, hippie. [Liberal Avenger]

* A surge in shrinks to go along with a surge in people getting blown up in Iraq. [Carpet Bagger]

* Actors take better direction than morons apparently, so the GOP is going to switch it up. [AmSpec]


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