Drudge Siren! Elizabeth Colbert Busch's Life Of Crime!

YOU GUYS! ELIZABETH COLBERT BUSCH IS A COMMON CRIMER, and GATEWAY PUNDIT HAS THE GOODS!!!!1! What goods? Just the GOODEST KIND OF GOODS! "Elizabeth Colbert Busch is running for Congress.

She’s also running from her criminal past." Her criminal past? Fuck yeh.

Elizabeth Colbert was involved in a messy divorce, one that landed her in jail on contempt of court charges in 1988.

So, you're wondering, does that link tell us anything about these charges? Sadly, no!

And oddly, neither does the rest of the entire Internet. Instead, the Google teaches us that there have been push polls about her bortions and crimes, like we did not know that already!

But it is weird that you cannot find Colbert Busch's arrest record along with her mug shot, because if there was anything good in it -- we imagine her assaulting some coppers, with a high heeled shoe -- we are imagining they would have posted it too. Can someone please ask The Smoking Gun to look it up for us? (JOURNALISM.) K thanks.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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