Drudge Sirens!: Tucker Carlson Says Matt Drudge Is Now A Woke Progressive Leftist


The bar for "woke progressive leftist" by Tucker Carlson standards is pretty low. Like, basically if you are not a full on Nazi, if you believe that COVID-19 is real, if you think racism is even a little bit real, you are pretty much Angela Davis as far as he is concerned. Not that Tucker Carlson knows who Angela Davis is.

On Friday night, Carlson expressed his concern that America's once trusted source for every kooky right-wing idea out there, Matt Drudge, had been converted and is now "firmly a man of the progressive left."

Introducing Drudge biographer Matthew Lysiak who was there to explain the "shift" in editorial tone, Carlson said:

For decades, Matt Drudge was one of the most influential figures in conservative news journalism. His self-titled Drudge Report broke news and set priorities in digital media. Republican presidential candidates made wooing the famously secretive Drudge a high priority, and for several of them, including Donald Trump, it paid off big."

But if you've seen the Drudge Report recently, you know that it has changed dramatically, 180 degrees. Matt Drudge is now firmly a man of the progressive left. At times, his site is indistinguishable from The Daily Beast or any other woke propaganda outlet posing as a news company.

Lysiak's explanation — before he got cut off — was basically that Drudge didn't really care about conservative causes, but only the cause of furthering his own website. Lysiak even suggested that Drudge wanted Obama to be president because it would mean lots and lots of clicks and attention for him.

This is not the first time someone has noticed that The Drudge Report's editorial leanings have somewhat changed. Many on the Right have been complaining for a while, and some have even taking to making their own versions of the news aggregation site. In December of last year, conservative leaning polling outfit Rasmussen shared, but never confirmed, that they heard a rumor that Matt Drudge had sold the site.

Where oh where can the mysterious Matt Drudge be? And why is his site filled with regular-seeming news about hurricanes and stuff and not DRUDGE SIRENS about death panels?

Okay fine, the death panels are still there, but they are sandwiched in between stuff about how people are dying of COVID-19, which is not a thing any conservative wants to hear about.

The most likely scenario is probably that Drudge did not have a major conversion or change of heart, but that he just sold the site and didn't tell anyone about it. It's still not what I, or anyone else would deem "progressive," but it is less overtly bizarre, and that is just not his style.

Anyway! This is now your open thread, so you can share your own theories yourselves, or not. Enjoy!

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