'Drug Themselves With Death Threats'

If you're wondering exactly what's got Nadine so riled up, today's chapter is unlikely to resolve the situation. But we do learn many shocking new details about whatever the hell's going on, including a sinister "Cheney Church" where both Nadine and Sandra Day O'Conner suffered some kind of extortion typical for churches run by "Satanic Nazi's Cult worshipping Authoritarian Distator's Edicts."

While Nadine doesn't reveal the identity of "Mr. Heterosexual Basher," she makes it clear he's a powerful Washington Republican (obviously).

Also, a financial motivation is finally admitted: Laura Bush apparently took $150 million from Nadine's class-action suit (?) and only New York's new governor and corporate-crime-fighter Eliot Spitzer can stop the "domestic violence satanic Nazism." Let's get busy with the "political porno nonstop," after the jump.

Dallas Observer article "Fallen Angels" (12/4/03 edition, has not been scrubbed from the internet


Satanic Nazi's Cult worshipping Authoritarian Distator's Edicts to Drug themselves with Death Threats for democratically contacting Elliot Spitzer and Office of Special Counsel. Yeah Fallen Angels are their idea of church and this is religious persecution and political porno nonstop.. I have a righ to my God and my country and to FDR's freedoms, including freedom from fear, and your hatred toward accomplished women is clear.

1:45 am

Another reason I reported the Cheney extortion after the 2004 Republican convention was the Dallas Observer article "Fallen Angels" (12/4/03 edition, has not been scrubbed from the internet) about the environment at the Cheney church. It obviously documents the same male dominated abuse and displacement of women that I was experiencing through their "church" friend, and gives plenty of evidence that it was extortion since it was nothing either I nor Sandra Day O'Connor would want reflecting this case.

Naturally they have cleaned up their image since then, and put in a women as minister, but I've seen enough to know this abuse will displace and hijack her (and do the same at the COL if given the opportunity) in a nanosecond, and are just laying in wait. It's got terrorists in the woodwork and the Cheney's will keep it that way, because it is meant to represent their beliefs, and we all have seen enough torture to know that terms like "satanic" and "fallen angels" require no apologies. The evidence is all there, so tell the story and tell the truth, and don't expect them or me to apologize.


12:15am - Yeah they accepted responsibility for about 15 minutes I hear, then figured out how to obstruct justice again, and now they're back in their comfort zone of denial and attack.

Cronies will commit suicide like Hitler and you know who Mr. Heterosexual Basher, before apologizing, and they think they can delegate these activities to their hate targets to further prove of their superiority. I'm hearing they think they can torture me and claim the gauntlet hasn't even started yet, cause the fix is in, just like Hitler they soul murder your life force and put in the fix for death since your soul murder proves you are obviously inferior to the crony liars.

If you knew all of the assaults I have endured from this Cheney extortion, and the blank slate they gave this psychopath who has a thing for lesbian prostitutes he could rope a dope and train into his borderline narcissism, you wouldn't be having the nerve to listen to the criminals talk about my apologizing. It has been nonstop sexual sadism anal and genital assaults, staged dreams of prostitution and endless cortisol flooding helplessness (including just last night.) so he could suicide another women to death instead of getting help for his own mental illness, and the soul murder scars he left on Linda's children.

It's been nonstop heterosexual bashing, and I have been MORE THAN GENEROUS in giving these criminals the opportunity to save face and do the right thing. What can I say? They are still doing their "all or nothing" extortion to this day, even without Mr. Heterosexual Basher around, so the trail of evidence is apparent.

I have rights, and they think they can just blast their smoke and mirrors fog 24/7 and act like I am invisible. Enough is enough. No more Ms. Nice Girl coming successfully through you SDO swan song - gauntlet and then being told the Nazi Satanists who have been torturing me under the pretext of military exercises will get all the money and all the credit no matter what I do. This is extortion and obstruction of justice, and the evidence is all there, this has all been a pretext for extortion and murder by their mastermind, and this pretext needs to be stopped, declassified, and brought to the justice system.

Nothing about me, including my heterosexual monogamous sexuality, is any of your business, and my friends will back me up that I do not invade or discriminate against other people's sexuality, and see all gays and lesbians as people period. If I'm not having sex with them, it's not an issue, it is just agape love and I 'm not going to apologize to people who have committed hate crimes against me and my identity to convince others that I should be shamed for telling the truth about how you criminals have been stealing.

I know exactly what they have been doing with this technology, and what kind of perverts have been doing this, and the Cheney's are the ones who need to be apologizing, believe me. Just because denial is their drug of choice doesn't mean we have to live their lies, or be used and abused as pet torture prostitutes by their "church" family friend.



News Hour:

Where is the online evidence of the interview between Jim Lehrer and Laura Bush discussing detail of the program designed around your 4/21/05 story on Ken Thigpen? Why has the existence of this interview been scrubbed from your search engine? Please advise.


PBS claims all News Hours going back to 2000 are available online, but the exact show I am referring to is not in their search engine. The left side terrorist out here said they do their job, whatever that means. I know that e-mails were immediately sent, and everyone was alerted as to the actual nature of the funds, and that may be why is has been scrubbed from the PBS search engine. I promise you the program does exist, and PBS knows it. From the search engine, one related story did come up on the 4/21/05 show, so the actual show where Bush was interviewed in person along with the critics remarks was around that date. I promise you it will be located and the facts supported as soon as possible.

8:30pm - The money is there, now cough it up and stop displacing and hijacking

The evidence of these crimes is right there, and I'm not going to sit here and be forced to negotiate with these terrorist televangelists any more. I expect the justice system to work and to shed the disinfectant of sunlight on these criminals. I did all of the work on my whistleblower case, and Dallas' Mayor Laura Miller can back up all of the evidence that transpired with these cronies taking things classified and calling my money "political capital" that they intended to spend. That is why Cyrus Mehri came in to help me, to get this out of this crony conspiracy and into honoring justice and me for my honest work.

These cronies go around flashing the money from my case when it serves them, like this past week, Cheney trying to infiltrate COL , when the reality is that all they plan is to displace and hijack and use the money to trap people into worshipping crony lies.

The original case was for $200 million, and apparently as SDO's swan song, the entire amount is available, not just my finders' fee of $50 million. So this crony administration gets its hands on my will, and my intentions for the Ossie Davis Fund with Cyrus, and decides that they are going to start flashing around the other $150 million (Cheney claims the $50 million) as the Bush legacy. The evidence is right there on pbs.org, Laura Bush went on the News Hour claiming she had $150 million from "the Department of Justice" for her legacy program involving helping African-American boys, all based apparently on a magazine article she read. They even quoted people who pointed out she was not really qualified on the matter, and what about all of the programs cut by her husband.

So the money is all available and ready to be flashed around by these displacing and hijacking cronies when the story is all about them, but it's not a story now it's a crime. It's not even as if Justice and I aren't generous people, willing to share the stage with these people, it's just pretty obvious at this point that this is extortion and they are obstructing the truth nonstop. Not to mention the obvious hate crimes and violence they have used against me to surrender my rights and even my identity, to feed their addiction to polarization and political porno lies, at the expense of reality and the real accomplishments of two professional women who represent independence.


These are criminals out here claiming to be in the military. All they are promoting with their 24/7 terrorists televangelist network is what started with Cheney at the 2004 Republican convention, and they will strangle every voice that contributes to this democracy and all system that promote honesty, accountability and justice.

They are using stupid cartoons and stalking songs when I work out and at the grocery store, to promote their master-slave agenda, and to send death threats and phony Republican lies about who I am and what I stand

for. All because Cheney needs a psych evaluation and he chooses to torture others into having his mental illness and he can't let it happen at home to his family, so we are all trapped in his Iraq stupid chaos, and we're supposed to live his lies nonstop 24/7 and surrender reality.

Here's reality: bp143/89 p107 retaliation for documentation. I walked five miles until 5:30 and know that this is caused by the current assault. Earlier 3pm bp 124/78.

Just turn off the cathedral of hate terrorist televangelist network, and give up on every holding me hostage or kidnapping and killing me in your emf gulag or any intl torture prison. It's not going to happen. Just turn off the network and get back to reality.

Senator Clinton:

Please contact Elliot Spitzer to pressure reslution as an intermediary . This is nonstop obstruction of justice and I deserve a lawyer who will talk to me and defend my integrity.



Elliot Spitzer, NY AG and Governor-Elect

I need your help immediately Mr. Spitzer. This case needs an honest lawyer who knows how this terrorism of whistleblowers works and can force a resolution. Please step in here asap, so the obstruction of justice will stop, and this domestic violence satanic Nazism will not happen to anyone else.


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