Drunk Carl Paladino Jumps In Your Halloween Photos


Who is this mysterious man next to the guy with the shoe-polish face? No, it is not a "good Carl Paladino costume," it is the man himself, doing what every candidate should do mere hours before his gubernatorial election: get drunk at the local bar and grope some young women in "sexy Mrs. Buttersworth" costumes. So if you live in the Buffalo area, Paladino likely photobombed all of your Facebook pics from last night. But that's okay, because it turns out he has some very good drunk faces that will enliven any Halloween photo.

Here is the other photo, with Paladino doing that classic "I don't know who this guy is but my eyes sure are sore from soaking them in vodka for five minutes" face:

Just try to top this man, America's college students. You cannot. And that's why you will not be elected governor of New York tomorrow. [WNYmedia via Gawker]


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