Drunk Congressman Sleeps In Cot At Filthy Capitol Hill Bar

Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg is worth tens of millions of dollars, but because he is drunk most of the time -- including a 2004 trip to Kazakhstan where he "had several shots of vodka before he fell off a horse, got trampled on by another and broke at least one rib" -- he usually sleeps in his Capitol Hill office. He has absolutely no idea where he is or what he is doing at all times. So what is this $300 in campaign money he dropped for "lodging" at Capitol Hill's delightful Tune Inn bar, where they don't have "lodging" in the traditional sense?

The Tune Inn is one of Wonkette's favorite places to eat bacon cheeseburgers and mozzarella sticks and drink gin at 1 a.m. on weekends, as well as weeknights. We usually go home after spending our $13, however. Denny Rehberg never leaves:

Rehberg's reelection campaign report lists a nearly $300 expenditure on Feb. 25 for "lodging" at the Tune Inn, a storied dive bar on Capitol Hill whose walls are covered with mounted deer heads (and even a few deer butts) and plenty of late-night lore from years gone by.

An inn, the Tune Inn is not. But we called just to be sure they didn't have rooms hidden away some place. Bartender Matt Manley assured us the bar does not offer any type of lodging, at least not really.

"There's a cot in the basement," Manley explained. "But usually people just pass out on it."

Rehberg is a Republican. Is the "cot in the basement" just a euphemism for "Larry Craig and his Furry Friends"?

Denny Rehberg Sleeps At the Tune Inn? [The Sleuth]


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