Drunk David Gregory Still Smarter Than You

Ohhh boy! David Gregory's drunk! Drudge has the audio!

It is sorta funny, we guess. But we'd just like to point out this part of the transcript (we haven't heard anything beyond the brief clip Drudge has, because, let's be honest here: who the hell actually listens to Imus besides people who are on Imus?):

GREGORY: Big deal between India and the United States. The upshot is we're going to provide nuclear know-how and fuel to india which they need for their economy to grow. But since they never signed the nonproliferation treaty it's a real turn around and critics worry that it sends the wrong message to other parts of the world.


To sum up: David Gregory, so drunk he thinks Arthur is still funny, can still explain the political importance of Bush's trip to India more clearly and succinctly than, say, Scott McClellan.

Doesn't this reflect rather well on the guy? Hell, we'd lose way more respect for him if it turned out he was calling Imus while sober.

Gregory's Giggles [Drudge]


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