Drunk QAnon Lady Tried To Run Over Imaginary Pedophiles In Texas


Last Wednesday, at about 9 in the morning, a woman in Waco, Texas, got into her car and attempted to chase down at least two other drivers in a quest to "save a child" from pedophiles. At first, she chased down a woman driving with her minor daughter, and then subsequently went after a 19-year-old college student in a Dodge Durango, whom she chased to a parking lot where she cornered him and then repeatedly rammed his car with her own. When police found her, she was "crying hysterically" and told them that she knew for a fact that the woman she went after "was a pedophile and had kidnapped a girl for human trafficking." She told them that she attacked the other car "because she believed she was saving a child," this time from a "pedophile" she had tracked from Speegleville.

According to the affidavit, this assertion "did not match the timeline or any facts or evidence."

The woman, Cecilia Celeste Fulbright of Waco, was drunk and reportedly "delusional," though she claimed she was neither.

She appeared to be "delusional" and under the influence of drugs, and a breath test showed her blood alcohol content was between 0.21% and 0.217%, more than double the legal limit of 0.08%, according to the affidavit. Officers reported they found "multiple cans of spray paint" in Fulbright's car. She said she had at least one beer but denied using other drugs, according to the affidavit.

It also seems that in addition to whatever else she took — booze, spray paint, what have you — Cecilia Celeste Fulbright had taken "the red pill."

It used to be that when we referred to the red pill, we were referring to a misogynist theory that actually, men are the ones who are oppressed by women. Now that term has also been coopted by believers in QAnon to describe those who have accepted their bullshit about Donald Trump's secret quest to throw all of the satanic child molesters/eaters in Gitmo.

An investigation into Fulbright by Julian Feeld at Right Wing Watch tells the story of a woman obsessed. Texas-based lawyer Mark Mueller, an acquaintance of Fulbright's, told Right Wing Watch that Fulbright had recently texted him about supporting Donald Trump, and after he attempted to argue with her about Trump's political incompetency, she informed him that Trump was "literally taking down the cabal and the pedophile ring," noting "What President has EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT? It's been going on for centuries."

It has not, for the record, been going on for centuries. Yes, there have always been pedophiles, but there is not a secret pedophile cabal that is being taken down by Donald Trump. Also, just for the record, Donald Trump has not talked about a secret satanic baby-eating pedophile cabal either. He has not actually mentioned it once. This is a thing — much like the pedophilic tendencies of random people Cecilia Fulbright saw driving that day — that exists only in the minds of those who have become obsessed with it.

A former roommate, Sydney Molina, told Right Wing Watch that Fulbright "has a history of mental health issues" and a family that is very into Donald Trump.

"I was the one who originally sent her stuff, and her boyfriend sent her stuff, kind of like laughing at how ridiculous it is," Molina said.

But according to Molina, Fulbright began to sincerely follow the conspiracy theory.

"I found out later that she was staying up for days reading this stuff," Molina told RWW. "She was getting more and more caught up in it and delusional."

By the time of Fulbright's arrest, Molina said Fulbright "had been on a three-day bender on this QAnon stuff, and the last thing she said to me was that the aliens gave her free power." Fulbright claimed to Molina that her red 1984 Pontiac Fiero "was powered with free power from the aliens."

The thing is, although her family was very into Donald Trump, Fulbright's friends both describe her as having been politically progressive prior to "following the white rabbit" down the Q hole. Yes, she had untreated mental health problems prior to this "redpilling," but she had not tried to kill anyone. She had friends and relationships with people. Until she went QAnon and they refused to go with her.

According to Molina, Fulbright turned on her when she refused to embrace QAnon.

"She started sending me these crazy messages attacking me, 'I don't know what you believe anymore. You're the one that showed me this, and you're turning your back on it, so you're a part of it. You're involved,'" Molina recounted. "I couldn't say or do anything without her accusing me of being a satanist."

Clearly, this shit makes people a lot worse than they would be otherwise. It makes them dangerous. And violent. And, unfortunately, even getting arrested for obvious crimes did not snap Fulbright back to reality.

Fulbright's arrest did little to dissuade her from following QAnon, Molina and Mueller told RWW.

Fulbright contacted Molina after getting out of jail, seemingly unaware that she had done anything wrong. Molina said that Fulbright told her that one of the cops who arrested her had winked at her and told her she was in "good girl jail" because "they knew I was doing good." Molina said she confronted her ex-roommate about the seriousness of her actions but that her concerns were "not registering at all."

Fulbright's story follows a trajectory that may well become increasingly common following the resurgence of Pizzagate among younger, more progressive types on TikTok, the #SaveOurChildren bullshit (it's Save Our Children now, because Save The Children is a charity funded by Bill Gates, who they think is trying to murder them with 5G vaccines or whatever their story is now), and the Wayfair conspiracy.

Within the last few months of the pandemic, the conspiracy has spread to many people who were previously progressive and anti-Trump, who now say they support him because they now understand that he is out there trying to save all of the children from satanic sex trafficking. At one point, there was a girl going viral on TikTok for talking about how she had been anti-Trump all of these years but had just recently been redpilled about his supposed quest to #SaveOurChildren and now plans to vote for him come November. I can no longer find her or her videos because QAnon accounts have been limited across social media, but she wasn't the only one. I regularly get emails and DMs from people asking for help with their formerly liberal friends who got redpilled on Q and have since gone off the deep end.

This isn't just a "them" problem anymore.


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