DSCC Demonstrates Passing Familiarity With Pop Culture, Intimate Relationship With Pandering

soas.jpgThe Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, headed by, apparently, Leno's staff writers and your grandfather, are proving themselves HIP and EDGY and WITH IT with a new website based on popular concept Snakes on a Plane (after, we hear, rejecting a site based on the film adaptation of Charles Bukowski's Factotum, opening today in limited release). DSCC head Chuck Schumer, wearing a "Vote for Pedro" shirt on which "Pedro" had been crossed out and "Democrats" written beside it in Sharpie, said this half-assed grab for relevance would demonstrate conclusively that Democrats, lacking a basic sense of humor, have the decorum and gravitas necessary to lead the country through the War on Terror.

The entire Democratic slate of Senate candidates is expected to be replaced by talking heads from VH1's "Best Week Ever" later this month.

Snakes on a Senate


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