Dude, Where's My Sign?

mooresign.jpgFor four years running, Republican obstructionists on the Davison High School Hall of Fame selection committee have shafted the school's most prominent alumni, Michael Moore. Now, Moore's supporters are going nuclear, by taking their case straight to the Davison city council. Their goal? Signs on the city limits that say "Welcome to Davison, hometown of Michael Moore."

In our experience, small towns usually reserve such honors for oversized produce and other freakish oddities. For example, Cawker City, Kansas bills itself as "home of the world's largest ball of twine." Hebron, Nebraska is "home of the world's largest porch swing." So we're not sure a similar sign for Moore is really such an honor. On the other hand, we'd love to see it happen, if only to enjoy the inevitable efforts by outraged conservatives to debunk the sign as nothing but a web of twisted liberal lies and conspiracy theories that is hurtful to the president and all Americans.

News from Davison, MI, Hometown of Michael Moore [Kevin McKague]


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