Dude Who Killed Bin Laden Tells Cadet Bone Spurs To Shove Dumb Military Parade Up His Ass


Sad news for Donald Trump, but the survey results are in, and nobody in the whole world, including and especially the United States military, wants to give the orange draft-dodging piece of shit loser in the White House a big military parade. Weird, right? It's like literally everyone alive has better things to do than drive tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue for the sole purpose of giving President Dumbshit McExecutiveTime a stiffy.

Like for instance, there is Robert O'Neill, the former Navy SEAL who says he fired the kill shots that took down Osama Bin Laden:

What's that old saying about how if Donald Trump has to loudly and incessantly shout "LOOK MY TANKS! LOOK MY F-35 AIR-PANE! LOOK MY PENIS!" it means he's a weak, sad and overrated loser? OK that may not be an actual saying, but we do know one of his defining personality traits is that he feels a desperate need to constantly brag, threaten, whine and cry, and 100% of the time, President WeakStupid has zilch to back it up with.

A nice military person on Twitter shares this comment from the Army subreddit, that shows just how excited military people are for Trump to force them to throw a parade dedicated to the glorification of Trump:

Sounds just great. Even if they do it on Veterans Day in November, as some are now suggesting, what a clusterfuck waste of everyone's time.

The DC City Council is thrilled, just thrilled by the idea:

Oh boy, City Council YA BURNT!

Of course, Reuters reports they might not even do it in DC, because LITERALLY NOBODY WANTS TO DO THIS FUCKING THING ANYWAY.

Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy, what do you two GOP senators think about President "My Feets Hurt" and whatever sad-ass desperation leads him to demand a TANKS GO BOOM parade for his own amusement?

Earlier this week, when asked about the parade, Trump's fellow Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told ABC News: "I don't think it's a particularly good idea. Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud."

And Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., told the network: "When you're the most powerful nation in all of human history, you don't have to show it off, like Russia does, and North Korea, and China.

Speak softly and carry a big stick! That was the old expression we were trying to think of!

Unfortunately, in the case of Donald Trump, it's RAMBLE LIKE A GREAT BIG LOUD STUPID AND CARRY SOME BIG MACS TO BED.

So does anybody like this idea? Haha, of course, some idiots do, and they are Fox News and other right-wing poop noggins who are devoted to daily worshiping the holy grundle of Donald Trump.

But among normal people, the kind who don't run a risk of breaking their necks every time they put on pants in the morning? Nah.

How 'bout we have a parade for Trump the second his ass is driven from office? HOW 'BOUT THAT?

Here is your very nice open thread. Talk to each other in it, like you do.

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