Due to Arcane Constitutional Clause, Snuff Usage Still Mandatory on All Federal Property

And the House of Representatives moves one step further away from the 1950's:

Smokers will now be permitted to light up in only two designated public areas; Room B-219 of the Longworth Building, which is located adjacent to the Longworth Food Court; and Room B-112 of the Cannon Building, located across the hall from the Cannon Carryout. Both smoking areas are enclosed and equipped with ventilation systems.

Obvs, Cannon B-112 and Longworth B-219 are now the Party rooms. Chill with Boehner, maybe invite Obama over from Senate side for a drink, you know. And the health Nazis from the California delegation aren't gonna go near you. Waxman and Pelosi can have fun with their sprouts and herbal tea or whatever, we'll tell off-color jokes, bitch about women problems (don't mind Linda Sanchez, she's one of the boys) and debate the wine-chugging vs. wholesome McKee Taylor Flood headshots.

House Cracks Down on Smoking [Roll Call]


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