Dueling Jerks Perdue, Loeffler Get Their Racist On In Georgia Runoff

Even before Joe Biden flipped Georgia, it felt like Republican incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler were running Senate campaigns in 1950s Alabama. Georgia is on the same demographic and electoral trendline as Virginia 15 years ago, but Perdue and Loeffler won't turn off the dog whistles.

During the 2020 campaign, Perdue mocked Kamala Harris's name like he was an emotionally immature racist, and Loeffler demonized Black Lives Matter and picked fights with the Black women on the WNBA team she co-owns. Donald Trump's upset loss in the Peach State, which they can't admit publicly because they're antidemocratic cowards, should caution them toward moderation. After all, they will need at least some Biden voters if they want to get 50 percent plus one in their respective January runoff elections. That's just math, which is admittedly heresy in the Trump cult.

No, instead, they're doubling down on bigotry and culture war garbage, and hey, that might still work out for them. You'll never go broke overestimating the racism of the average right-leaning voter.

Rep. Doug Collins finished third in November's special election for the Senate seat Loeffler acquired at an estate sale. Despite a fierce contest with a quite a few low blows, Collins quickly conceded the race to Loeffler (before the second recount and everything!), and they mutually agreed that the Black guy was worse.

Democrat Raphael Warnock finished comfortably ahead of Loeffler in the special election. He's also a more dynamic candidate who hasn't committed COVID-19-related insider trading (allegedly). Loeffler has already released some gross, racist ads linking Warnock to Fidel Castro and Jeremiah Wright, the controversial preacher who twice kept Barack Obama out of the White House. Collins, serving as Loeffler's racist attack dog, recently derided Warnock's faith and his church, which is apparently fair game if someone isn't literally Amy Coney Barrett. It helps that Warnock's Black and the whole point of this shameful exercise is to effectively other him.

COLLINS: Let me touch on a few things. I'm not sure, Kelly, what a pro-choice pastor looks like.

The crowd booed because they know a “pro-choice pastor" is more likely to resemble Raphael Warnock than Doug Collins. More Black Americans believe abortion is morally acceptable and should remain legal than non-Black Americans. We've actually grown more liberal on the subject over the past decade. However, Black people haven't become as godless as I am, despite my best efforts. Black Americans are still more likely to be Christian than other ethnic groups.

COLLINS: I know what it doesn't look like. It doesn't look like what my Bible tells me when ....

Oh fuck you, Collins. Don't quote the Bible to me when you're a loyal political supporter of its major antagonist. Trump bears false witness 24/7 and is married to someone less compelling than a pillar of salt.

Warnock, the son of two Pentecostal pastors, is the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the spiritual home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It's appalling that anyone would question his faith, but we shouldn't expect anything more from Republicans. This is direct from the Karl Rove swiftboating playbook.

Last week, Ossoff visited the Atlanta restaurant Slutty Vegan during a tour of area small businesses (the ones suffering the most from the economic fallout of COVID-19). Perdue's team thought it was clever to mock Ossoff for eating a “plant burger" like some sissy politician who's aware that humans aren't obligate carnivores.

Perdue, once more demonstrating the classiness of your average schoolyard bully, said Ossoff can keep that plant burger because he "don't go that route." No, Mr. and Mrs. Perdue are gonna have the all-star special at Waffle House and then a bowel movement about two weeks later. Did we mention that this rich asshole has his own island?

You might've noticed from the epic shade in the above tweet that Slutty Vegan is a Black-owned business. It's possible that Perdue's team didn't realize this. They just saw “vegan" and assumed the place was run by some white hipsters from New York City (“Get a rope!"). If Ossoff had stopped at Aunt Alma's Macaroni Pie Palace, Perdue might've kept his mouth shut ... or not. He's really leaning into the racist Trump vote.

Whoever runs Slutty Vegan's Twitter account is more fit to serve in the Senate than Perdue. They understand that we don't need to “pick sides" — white or Black, vegan or omnivore. No one is more or less a “real" Georgian or a “real" American. Perdue, Collins, and Loeffler aren't just fighting the “New South," they're fighting the very people who've been there all along and who definitely predate Loeffler's carpet-bagging ass.

Check out this clip of my lovely sisters at Slutty Vegan. That looks like some damn good food that you'll fully digest on the same day.

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