Duh, It Was Dean's Idea First

no wordsAre the Paultards taking their cues from the ultimate Internetardation forebearers -- the rabid supporters of Howard Dean? This link appears undeniable, at least regarding blimps. Maybe you all heard about this back in '03, '04 -- I sure as hell didn't, thank god -- but Dean's online supporters once tried to launch a blimp of their own, for all the same Paultarded reasons. Suddenly, the Internet is making a lot more sense.

In late 2003, a Dean spambot broached the topic of using a blimp to get out the message. Does this language sound familiar?

Blimps have been used for all kinds of advertising. Sometimes the campaigns are just for a few days. In the case of the Goodyear blimp they go on for decades. Studies have shown that when a blimp flies over a city for one week almost 90 percent of the population can recall the message on the blimp. Only the most expensive TV commercials can match that kind of penetration. Dean is running a national campaign. One hurdle Dean for America is trying to get over is name recognition. Outside of the primary states most people still don't know who he is.

A blimp is the perfect compliment to the advertising already being done. Imagine a DEAN 2004 blimp flying above millions of people during commute times in a state at the same time other media spots are running on TV and radio. Advertising is about repetition and getting attention. Blimps work.

I don't know if the Dean Blimp ever flew. I do know, though, that Dean's message did get out to the general public at some point. This was right about when he suffered one of the more magnificent primary collapses in recent history. But obviously the more we hear about Ron Paul, the more we'll, um, like him and such.

[Dean Blimp]


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