Dumb Alabama Town Decides Not To Jail Transgenders For Pooping At Their Local Target


Remember that town in Alabama we told you about last week, Oxford, where the city council got so mad about Target letting people poop any old place they want, and UNANIMOUSLY passed a "No Doo Doos For Transgenders" ordinance? Remember how they misspelled all the words in it, because they are dumb Alabamians? Remember how they even included "GO TO JAIL" as a consequence for violating the ordinance?

Anyway, they repealed it:

Three councilors voted to repeal the law and two voted in opposition to the repeal. [...]

After the agenda item and ordinance was read aloud, Council President Steven Waits announced that the mayor has not yet signed the ordinance due to health issues. He then opened up a question and comment period.

Councilor Charlotte Hubbard read several reasons why the ordinance should be repealed. This includes concerns from the city attorney over Title IX violations.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/601459/north-carolina-republicans-furious-obama-wont-let-them-peek-inside-peoples-panties"></a>[/wonkbar]OH THAT OLD THING AGAIN! It keeps coming up, how these ordinances are against federal law. We feel like we have said this thirty-eleventy times in the past few months, and it's because WE HAVE. The terrible Obama administration has just 'splained very rudely to North Carolina that, hey, fuckers, YOUR trans bathroom law is against THE law and we ain't wanna hear none ya shit-squawkin' about YOUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS in the bathrooms. Grow the fuck up, fools.

Oxford also faced an enormous backlash from its gigantic business community:

On Monday, the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Board of Presidents voted to move their 2016 softball championship tournament from Choccolocco Park in Oxford to the Jacksonville State University campus "due to the discriminatory intent" of Oxford's bathroom ordinance. [...]

The board has reversed this decision now that the council has repealed the bathroom ordinance.

That's right, NO SOFTBALL IN CHOCCOLOCCO PARK UNTIL EVERYBODY CAN MAKE DOO-DOO-BERRIES IN PEACE. Hey, it's not on the level of Bruce Springsteen canceling a concert, but it seems to have worked.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/599251/south-dakota-governor-doesnt-want-to-peek-at-kids-junk-in-the-bathroom-for-some-reason"></a>[/wonkbar]It continues to be so weird how, when it comes to the prospect of losing sweet CA$H from the government and from private business, all of a sudden people's terrible fears of Target Transgenders spying on them in the bathroom are whisked away. It happened in Tennessee! It happened in South Dakota!

And now it's happened in tiny Oxford, Alabama. Enjoy your new transgender overlords, you MORANS!

[WBRC Fox 6 News via CNN]

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