Dumb New GOP Website Actually a Heartbreaking Document of America's Devastation

Dumb New GOP Website Actually a Heartbreaking Document of America's Devastation

Lots of Wonkette readers sent us this embarrassing new GOP"America Speaking Out" website, because obviously we -- as Americans who speak -- should go flood this dumb thing with TruckNutz and whatever. Okay, that is a funny thing to do, on the Internet, but oh dear Jesus in Space why did you have to make Americans so ruined and sad? How can we find cheap 'n easy comedy bits to post here when they're surrounded by so much awful depressing dull horror, and even polite requests for human decency? For every "All Members of Congress and Senate must be routinely and randomly drug tested," there are three posts from the jobless and the maimed veterans and the confused old people, all just begging for some help.

All of these quotes were found on the "submitted ideas" section of this "America Speaking Out" public relations effort by the Republican Party, and are reproduced here without editing:

  • Approximately 36,000 veterans have been physically wounded in action or wounded as a result of non-hostile fire from OIF, OEF and other operations. Of that number approximately 850 are amputees. The remaining 35,150 wounded vary from the extremely wounded that were evacuated to those that were returned to duty. Some estimate the evacuated number around 10,000. Then you add the estimated numbers of those who will have TBI and/or PTSD. Some estimates have that number at over 600,000.

  • Many of us are now calling ourselves the 99ers. Meaning that we have exhausted our uneployment extensions and have been left out to dry with no safty net. We want to work we are desperate to work anywhere in order to save our homes and feed out families and Someone in washing needs to help us with additional weeks of unemployment until there are more jobs created. The housing market and the economy will be going further south as many people will be joining me upon the exhaustion of there unemployment bene's Teir 5!
  • I just proposed an idea about how much we pay out to congress in salaries. The site flagged it as "inappropriate". Apparently, I can not speak freely when I am talking about the money they are making... that is coming from my pockets.
  • I think the healthcare bill should be changed for corporation fines. The Bill should state that if a company abandons their medical benefits, then they should have to pay bigger fines depending on the company's size. If you have under 100 employees you would have to pay $4000. If you have in between 100 - 499 you would be fine $8000. If you have in between 500 - 999 employess you would be fine $12000.00. If you have over 1000 employees and get rid of your health coverage your fine would be $15000.00. The current $2000+ fine the bill has as a fine is a joke, all this lawmakers do not know how much health insurance cost. I used to pay a little bit over $2000 + another 2000.00 the my old company used to pay. Another way to bring health care cost down is to deregulize health care in the way that it allows any health insurance company in any state. This will allow users and companies a wider range of health insurance that they could pick from.
  • I already TRIED to submit this idea, but I don't think it went through... which gives emphasis to my suggestion: Have a tutorial for the site, b/c it's just too difficult to navigate, to know if my vote was recorded, etc. etc. I am an older American, who is quite familiar with computer usage, but am not used to a website like this. Also, it seemed to accept my voting several times for the same issue.......if that is correct, what use is this site, since an individual could "vote" about the same issue numerous times, and skew the results.
  • Why is it with every idea I post it comes up inapropriate?
  • This site is a good idea, but poorly done. I can't get it to let me vote on anything but the small stuff. It is difficult to navigate to where I want to go. I tried to go to open forum, but there was no 'post your idea' button. Again; Great idea, but this site needs some fine-tuning, or it is basically useless.
  • Our health care costs are out of control, and at least part of the cause is the huge problem of obesity. One of the causes of obesity, particularly in the poor, is the huge cost difference between high-fat, high-refined carbs food and good quality, healthy foods. Many Americans can no longer afford to eat healthy. Our farm subsidies are contributing to this. We heavily subsidize corn, which is the primary ingredient in a lot of our cheap chunk food. Why not take some of these corn subsidies and subsidize other, healthier fruits and vegetables? Why not take some of the health care money and use it to encourage small business owners to bring fresh, healthy foods into poor and rural areas? As it is, we are subsidizing corn twice -- first when it is grown, and then again when we deal with the health effects.
  • dear GOP, why do all your policies only revolve around tax-cuts ? and why do you always take the position of the corporation AGAINST people ? are you only about money? or do you care at all about american citizens ?
  • As a Republican since the 70s, a faithful voter for most of that time, and someone who worked in the defense industry for years, you guys have simply flown off the rails. The extremism and partisanship of the current GOP has taken you out of the mainstream, and put you into the realm of the American Independent Party. Nixon was a good President, so was Reagan. But what you are pushing now is unwise and unresponsive to the nation's needs. Get back to where Republicans had workable and useful solutions to our problems, instead of just calling our president a socialist and refusing to do anything at all. It's too extreme, and too partisan, and people such as me don't like it. You may call me a RINO, but I am what the party used to be, and you are forcing me to become independent because of the ugly partisan extremism that is now the hallmark of the GOP. Please stop this trend before it is too late.
  • Can Hannity & others on FOX stop bashing the opposition. Come up with a better idea, a better bill. A blowhard, with a big mouth isn't helping Republicans get elected. New ideas will.
  • The Republican Party needs to post to the internet, exactly how they would replace the current Health Bill with details so people understand it before the next general election!
  • wow I have reworded about 6 times my idea and it keeps telling me it is inappropriate -- what in the world?

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