Dumb Okie Hicks Greet 'President' Obama With Treason Flag, Love

President Obama arrived Wednesday for a state visit to the foreign hinterlands nation of Oklahoma, and the natives, they were restless! And racist! Now usually when a duly elected president (twice, fuckers, TWICE) visits, people of all political stripes drop their grievance shit for a moment and show a little respect to the office, but not Oklahoma wingnuts. Instead they decided to show up at Obama's hotel and wave around their Confederate flags, probably because they're so proud of their Heritage Not Hate:

Remember this photo the next time someone tries to argue that racism is over because we’ve elected a black president. Or that the Confederate flag is just a symbol of Southern heritage and not an in-your-face expression of hate. That things are different in 2015. Or that opposition to this president has nothing to do with race.

But come on, guys, this is clearly not racist, and you know why? First of all, one of the supporters said it's not racist, and that he was just "out here supportin' my flag" (the flag of a traitor nation that America beat in a war this one time). But also we know it's not racist because one of the people who organized the peaceful protest is a black, which means it CAN'T be about race. What about black-on-black Heritage Not Hate? The ringleader's name is Andrew Duncomb, but his friends call him "the Black Rebel," because reasons:

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Andrew Duncomb, an organizer in Oklahoma City who calls himself “the Black Rebel” says. [...]

“Again, look at these people, they all followed the black guy out here. Do you think that any of them are racists,” Duncomb says.

Yes, you idiot, we do think they are racists. Now, we grant that they might ALSO be fucking idiots who believe in revisionist history about how the Confederate flag doesn't represent slavery, or about how the damn thing really gained a lot of prominence during the Civil Rights movement, which was decidedly about race (unless you're a libertarian idiot and have some other childish bullshit explanation to share with the class), and they might ALSO be the kind of people who say things like "I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body, my black neighbors keep their lawns right nice, YEE HAW, gonna have to put the house on the market though if too many of 'em move in." Whatever, dude.

Of course, the sad part is that, aside from Carlton Banks's Halloween costume, pictured above, there were lots of black folks there, with their kids, and they just wanted to greet the president and have an exciting moment, but it was kind of hard for them:

Then the rest of the crowd is just there to get a glimpse of the president. Smiling African-American families. Lots of kids. People craning their necks for a better view. A small American flag fluttering quietly to the left.

Families in Oklahoma, many of them black families, hoping to see the president in their town. Met by this menacing, bullying flag, this giant symbol of intolerance and segregation. In this image, they ignore it as best as they can — though it still hangs over everything.

Indeed it does. Here's a pic captured by Doug Mills of the New York Times.  The non-traitor Americans are shoved off to the sides:

If it's any consolation, as Ezra Klein noted on Facebook, it's that "this time, the African-American guy was in the armored limousine and the small mob of Confederate-sympathizers were standing on a street corner."

That's right. Tables turned, bitches.

[Salon / KFOR News Channel 4]

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