Dumbfuck Tomi Lahren Fitting In Quite Nicely With Rest Of Fox News Dumbfucks

Timmi Lawrence

Tomi Lahren is this loud racist lady who was spawned in the "Friday Night Lights" section of hell, and because of the wonders of wingnut welfare, she has a new job at Fox News, where she probably should have been in the first place. Is she stupid, or at least willing to play stupid for a paycheck? Check. Total wingnut? Check. Blonde? You betcha.

We don't know if this is Timmi Lawrence's Fox News debut, and honestly, we don't care enough to look. All we know is that the genius who runs the Fox Twitter account thought this thing she said on Hannity was good enough to tweet out. We guess they were proud of it:

Um, OK. Cool. Fox News and Tillie Larson will stop musing like the overpaid dumbfucks they are about the completely made-up story about Hillary Clinton's deleted emails, because they are actually stupid enough to think Hillary deleted ALL KINDA SHIT about how she literally ordered the Benghazi attack, JUST AS SOON AS the real news networks stop covering the Trump-Russia scandal, which is an actual thing people are likely to go to jail over and which may end Donald Trump's presidency. Also, they are just saying out loud that they are focusing on the made up story about the person who is not in office so they can avoid the other story, which they don't like, because it is real, and they don't like it. And, again, they are saying this with their mouths, and tweeting it with their fingers, and is the Fox News social media manager a HILLARY MOLE? We are just asking.

What else is dumbass up there saying? She says she had a bunch of "friends" who were "in Benghazi" (oh really?) and they really want to know about Hillary's emails. Her "friends." The ones who were in "Benghazi." They "ask Tammy Lauren about it." We "believe her."

Here's the video if you like watching things that make you dumber:

Evan Hurst

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