Duncan Hunter's Brave Crusade Against Mexicans, History

San Diego congressman Duncan Hunter has already pledged to protect Iowa from its neighbor, Mexico, but the next president of the United States will also need to defeat another horrible enemy before he goes to the White House. That foe is history.

The last member of the House to win the presidency was James Garfield back in Eighteen Hundred and Eighty. Oh, and Garfield was president for all of six months before somebody shot him dead.

"Well, that's true. But on the other hand, somebody's got to win this race," Hunter told the new Iowa Caucuses website. This is probably the lamest argument in the history of politics, so we'll go ahead and give Rep. Hunter a coveted Wonkette Endorsement -- because somebody's got to win this race.

Hunter realizes he is up against history [Iowa Caucuses]


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