Duncan Hunter's Son Duncan Hunter Now Just Doing His Dad's Work For Him

An emailer claims to have caught Duncan Hunter's son Duncan Hunter pretending to be his congressman dad this last weekend. Though we're pretty sure that's not against the law -- the district voted for Duncan Hunter, not necessarily that Duncan Hunter, right?

Presidential candidate and former HASC chair, Duncan Hunter, was outside his office Friday practicing his golf swing at some length....while his son (also named Duncan Hunter) sat in on meetings in his Dads office -- inc meetings with VERY high ranking military officers.

There's a hilarious story in here about the time our uncle Dick accidentally deposed the prince of Cambodia during a White House tour mistaken identity switcharoo in the '70s, but it's a bit long to get in to here.

More speculation, including claims of presidential campaign impropriety (horror of horrors!), after the jump, as always.

So what's Duncan up to?

The kicker is that while dad was taking practice swings in the corridor his son was sitting behind daddy's desk using the office PC and the telephone -- despite the fact he is on record as saying he was in DC to work on Hunter Snrs Presidential bid (clearly a no no).

Couple this with the fact that the strong word sweeping around HASC is that Hunter Snr is planning to resign and force a special election -- all but coronating [This a word? --ed] his son into the Hunter seat..... evidently he has lost all interest in HASC events because he plans to resign. Duncan Snr is planning to Carpetbag his son into the CA seat -- even though he lives in Boise Idaho with his family where he owns a large building company called Hunter Boise construction or something.....

We hope Duncan and Duncan can become, instead, the first father-son President/Vice President team since James K. and George Dallas Polk.


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