Dunderhead Florida Congresswoman Refuses To Take Obama's Phone Call

Dunderhead Florida Congresswoman Refuses To Take Obama's Phone Call

Florida Republicans are a very special breed of morons. They will pay you$20 to give you a blowjob in the bathroom, they will keep you up at all hours on the Instant Message Blonker if they think you are a hot pimply teen, and they will hang up on you if you are the President-elect. Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen got a call from Barack Obama and hung up on him, twice, because if she learned one thing from Sarah Palin it's that world leaders will never call Republicans in earnest.

This dingus Ros-Lehtinen is apparently the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, so you would think she'd be used to taking phone calls from important people, but perhaps not! Because she hung up on Barack Obama, and then she hung up on Rahm Emanuel, and then finally after the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee called her she agreed to talk to this "Obama" character.

She thought the whole thing was a radio station prank, because usually when she gets a call from an important politician they're demanding illicit bathroom sex or whatever.

Fla. congresswoman hangs up on Obama [AP]


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