Each American Spy Worth 2.5 Russian Spies -- USA! USA!

  • Everyone who misses the Cold War, with its moral simplicity and its ever-present threat of complete nuclear annihilation, is over the moon this morning as America and the Russians kicked it old school and swapped spies! America gave up ten sexy suburban Russian spies for a bunch of Russians who had actually spied for America. The trade-off took place on the tarmac at Vienna's airport, for no reason other than that's where we used to do this sort of thing. [AP]
  • The new head of Central Command is a radical feminist who said that it was "fun" to shoot members of the Taliban, because they abuse women. In his defense, he said this in 2005, when the whole Afghan war thing did seem like a lot more fun. [Fox]
  • It looks like West Virginia is going to have a special election for Senate in November after all! The Democratic candidate will probably be Governor Joe Manchin, who is the only Democrat anyone is West Virginia likes anymore. [NYT]
  • The racially fraught trial of a white transit cop who killed a black subway rider in Oakland ended with the cop convicted of manslaughter, which in turn led to some fairly half-assed rioting. They sure looted the hell out of that Foot Locker! [San Francisco Chronicle]

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