Eager Obamatards Waiting Patiently For Jobs They Won't Get


Right after President Obama was elected, the entire universe of unemployed people and soon-to-be unemployed people rushed to whatever that website was, with the jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people applied for basically a handful of Administration jobs, and now they are all waiting around in DC coffee shops for official word of their rejection.

Other government officials who are significantly less famous and desirable than Barack Obama have also encountered overwhelming demand for the crappy job openings they post online.

In a little more than a week recently, the office of Rep. Ron Kind, Wisconsin Democrat, received more than 100 applications for a press secretary opening. Outgoing press secretary Anne Lupardus said that is more than double the normal rate.

"Applicants ranged from people straight off the campaign trail, graduated over the last two years, or some more experienced people coming out of the journalism profession," she said.

The office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez, California Democrat, received 200 applications in the first five minutes after a staff position was announced online.

"Many had campaign experience from the presidential campaign," said staff assistant Ajay Abraham.

Once the stimulus bill "kicks in," all these people will have jobs mixing concrete and holding up "SLOW" signs by the sides of our widening highways. Catch the fever!

Obama-ites wait for jobs -- and sit tight [Washington Times]


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