Early-Morning Election Reports From Your New York Wonkette Operatives

Early-Morning Election Reports From Your New York Wonkette Operatives

It's no joke, people! Voting lines in New York are justNUTS. But if the Obama campaign supplies "Comfort Teams" like they're doing in Georgia, you will all get water and hot chocolate soon, and maybe a hand job for your troubles. Two sort of detailed reports after the jump. Send your informations to tips@wonkette, if you have more exciting things to share!

  • Fyi: in Park Slope (Brooklyn, NY) the poll line wraps around an entire city block!
  • Just voted at ps 20 in NYC. I was the first one there at 5:35 and they were not ready until like 6:20! There was a problem with one of the machines, people were about to riot. The girl was showing this dude how to look up the districts right before I walked in! By the time they started there was a line around the block. If you care...

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  • Greenpoint, brooklyn, I got to my polling station at 630AM and to my surprise there were more youngsters like myself then the early bird special risers. Unbelievable. The line wrapped around the block.
  • There was a line around the corner of 51st and 2nd Ave, as we all marched slowly towards the Sutton Place Synagogue. All told, it probably took 45 minutes, as there are a mother load of districts and our lovely, antiquated machines. The lady writing the voting cards initially took my first name down as ‘Francis’, which it ain’t. All was corrected though. Go Hopey!

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