Easter Desserts That Will Complete Your Holiday Meal! Tabs, Wed., March 15, 2023

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Hey how bout if we un-re-un-de-re-regulate the banks! (I think that series of prefixes may actually be correct.) (NBC News)

In the meantime, Joe saved they asses. — Politico

David Dayen talked to Katie Porter about the failure of SVB after it specifically lobbied to be removed from financial oversight and why we shouldn't be insuring those idiots' deposits, and they are both spitting mad. (The American Prospect)

The idiot libertarian ubermenschen-in-their-own-minds of Silicon Valley and its pet bank. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

On same, plus their "increasingly baffling tantrums" and the decade of perfect conditions (low to negative interest rates, free money) the VC cool guys have had to show their added value. It seems ... they have not! (Slate)

Barely Speaker Kevin McCarthy almost had a reasonable (-sounding) way to blame Joe Biden for the SVB collapse, but then his caucus idiots and all of Fox News kept blaming it on "woke." — Media Matters

Claudia Sahm has moved on from yelling at the Fed that it was pushing too hard too fast and that markets need time to adjust, and instead would like them to do some communicating, NOWISH PLS, to calm self-fulfilling panic. Perhaps it might listen! (Substack)

There, now you have read everything in the world about SVB and there is nothing else to know. Whew!

All's good and First Amendmenty in Florida, where they won't let the League of Women Voters hold a public rally in a public place. (Pro Publica)

All's good and Fourth Amendmenty in Florida, where Ron DeSantis wants to arrest you if you have an undocumented person in your house or car. — The New Republic

Our search function is so bad I literally can't tell if we ever wrote about Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk's decision after he banned the federal program that provides access to birth control for teens in Texas, shruggy emoticon! — PBS

Novelist Hache Carrillo wasn't who he said he was — an Afro-Cuban emigre — he was just a regular artistic Black kid from Detroit who loved to make up his own identity (and was also something of a congenital liar). I am possibly the only person on the planet who sympathizes with Rachel Dolezal and really does think you should be able to "identify as whatever" — you know, that very good rightwing joke — if you live it. Carrillo's widower, forgiving him, puts it as: race doesn't exist and culture is performance, so where's the lie? (Besides "here, here are all the lies.") A very good read at the New Yorker.

Oh just a new Tennessee Williams. (Paris Review)

Easter desserts, Easter desserts! I'll bring the vanilla peaches in rose. Or the pavlova. Or all the other ones. (Real Simple)

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