Easy Chicken Shawarma Anybody Can Make! Tabs, Thurs., March 4, 2021

Easy Chicken Shawarma Anybody Can Make! Tabs, Thurs., March 4, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Say DC National Guard commander William Walker, can you maybe tell us some about how it was "unusual" that Army wouldn't you let do jack shit to rescue Congress while Trump's buddies were looking to lynch them? (Testimony)

Speaking of, isn't it odd that nobody mentioned "President Trump" when asking FBI Director Chris Wray about the January 6 Domestic Terror Event? — David Rothkopf at Daily Beast

Speaking of also again too as well and, House sends members home because of today's presumed riot to bring back the Proud Boys' lord and savior Trump, who on March 4 will rise again in fulfillment of the Scriptures, who ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again ing glory to judge the living and the dead, and MAGA will have no end. (Politico)

Marjorie Taylor Greene knows what is the real voter suppression, and it's waiting in line at the metal detector, if you needed a morning pick-me-up/rage stroke. (Salon)

Shalanda Young, already tapped to be number two at OMB, for the top spot after Neera Tanden pulled her own nom? Oh fuck yeah amazing yes please Joe Biden listen to Nancy and the crew. — NBC News

Rep. Karen Bass, 30 years after Rodney King, would like to know when we're ever going to start believing Black people. (USA Today) Oh hey other tab, you're Karen Bass's George Floyd Justice in Policing Act! (Congress)

This is just sad y'all.

How's it hanging, Elaine Chao? (Mother Jones)

Weird, I ALSO sent a check for $250,000 to Ron DeSantis after he let my gated wealthy enclave get the vax before the rest of Florida! Former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, we are twinsies! — Miami Herald

Austin restaurants PISSED that everything's reopening in Texas before they can get their staffers vaxxed, except for one dumb schmuck who says exactly what you'd expect. (Statesman)

Well at least Greg Abbott is already preemptively blaming Not Greg Abbott.

Man, all they got is culture war, did you know the BIOLOGICAL BOYS are coming FOR YOUR DORTERS' SPORTS. — Jezebel

While we're at it, last week's column on the Right canceling the hell out of speech and using government to do so — you know, the ACTUAL "First Amendment" — as long as it's speech by Black people. — Michelle Goldberg at New York Times

Clubhouse: Still sounds like the worst! (Mashable)

Alex Jones wishes he never even heard of that bad ol Trump, guesses he'll just go and eat worms :( (SPLC)

Manchin being a Manchin again, got Biden to agree to a shave in the coronavirus relief bill for people who make between $75,000 and $80,000 a year, with nothing above that. The politics are ... well they are fucking dumb. — Talking Points Memo

Fine, we can't abolish the filibuster? (Klobs for one is OVER IT.) Then what do we need to do to "reform" it to get Manchin and Sinema to sign on, because GOP about to steal a whole bunch more shit. — Michael Signorile substack

Life in the Barbizon Hotel's "dollhouse." (New Yorker)

OK fine, here is a recipe for non-Trader Joe's chicken shawarma, though I don't know why, TJ's is FANTASTIC. — Mashed

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