Eat One of Linda Tripp's Footlongs

bratwurst.jpgIt seems that Linda Tripp's gone from listening to her galpals talk about swallowing the sausage to being a purveyor of her very own! She and her husband Dieter Rausch are the Frau und Herr of Weihnachts Markt in Middleburg, Virginia.

Weihnachts Markt is a traditional German Christmas market plunked down along the Middleburg's main drag.

Middleburg resident Linda Tripp (yes, of Clinton scandal fame) and her husband, German architect Dieter Rausch, are serving up bratwurst and other German delights to hungry, if not curious, passersby...The couple opened their "magical" little house of treats three years ago.

The speciality of the house is authentic German "weisswurst" a white sausage that is boiled and never grilled -- not even by House Impeachment Managers with bad haircuts and jowls!

Given the length and thickness of the brats, pictured above, and Herr Rausch's predilection for wearing lederhosen, Weihnachts Markt is more than a house of German cuisine -- it's a bona fide paradise for the Sprockets sex-fetishist set. But it's for a limited time only: Wiehnachts "closes for the season" on New Years. So get there without delay: it's just about the wurst thing ever!

Linda Tripp opens authentic German market in Middleburg [Fauquier Times-Democrat]


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